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Walk lightly your journey. Love and be strong in who you are. For love, acceptance, peace and value look within… For It is there!  Feel that love, seek it, Embrace it and hold on to it…

Stand up for and stand proud of you, my girl..Proud of who you are instead of just what you do.  Trust that its okay, that some human beings must be loved from a distance, while others are purposefully placed on your sacred journey and with every teaching, THEY will be revealed to you.. They will bring love, strength and courage to your journey. May you see them, know them, trust and reach out to them…

Love, acceptance and belonging need not be earned, they live within you.You already have it.You were born with it. This search will ALWAYS lead back to you. Let yourself see,know and revel in your inner light. You were given a physical body to house your spiritual being. Do not be blinded or limited by your humanness. You be the one to define who you are.

Lovingly learn the lessons life gives you.. Embrace them with no judgement and give thanks for what you can learn from them… And yes, even lessons from my legacy…may you see them, make peace, learn from them and hold onto the wisdom brought by them.. It was meant to be.,

With life, we’re given a gift of crafting a spiritual life in a physical world..Everyday we make a choice, to walk and live in the spirit or the body. The choice is ours.  Know that whatever choice we make, we are ALWAYS loved but our paths will look very different.  In all you do, be good to yourself, be gentle, kind, patient and forgiving.  Trust in your inner wisdom. Hold your head up and run with the love and freedom of the Great Spirit..

Always remember gentle souls roam the earth plane.  You are one and there are many others… Every morning may you be blessed with knowing this truth.. and revel in its magic and meaning.. You are not alone…

The Creator returns for us someday,but in the meantime, on the earth plane, live in the now, love life and love who you are.  You have a sacred journey. Before there was language there was song. Lovingly live the song that was written for You.

I come to You out of love, care and concern…the answer to your question, to your life’s problems is LOVE…inward and outward…Love and trust in the Creator, in Your creation and in Your sacred journey.

All My Relations – Hai Hai

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