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Every day is a new beginning to start again. Happy Friday!<br /><br />Shared with love ~<3~ debs
Every morning we are born again. What we do today matters most. ~Buddha~

Shared by “Michael”

Today is the first day of the rest of my life, has always been the way that I have dealt with each new day as it comes along for many years.

This statement “every morning we are born again” now adds even more to each day for me as it gives me a connection with spirit that was not there before.  Being born again in all ways:

  • mentally,
  • physically,
  • emotionally and
  • spiritually

is very clearing for me!  

This statement assists me to remove self judgement from my life, and I know that I can easily let go of many of my less desirable human traits just by knowing that it is a new today and not only is the day new, I am too!
I am leaving behind all of the self judging thoughts  that hold  me back and keep me from becoming all that I am in all ways!
Good Morning!
What does your self judgement stop you from doing?
Peace, love, light and blessings
“White Eagle”

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Judging someone else is really about judging yourself!

Remember that any judgement you make is based on your own personal experiences and your knowledge of you!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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When I judge others, I am really only talking about myself and my behaviors!

How can I judge someone else and know the behaviors if I do not have them myself?

I need to always remember that I am not perfect but that each moment in my life and the lessons I learn in that moment are perfect for me to learn more about me in this moment!

Thank you Creator!  Peace, love, light and blessings as I move into each precious moment of self learning and growth!

“White Eagle”

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