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I Know a Girl,

Whose smile can light up a room.

I Know a Girl,

Who to stay safe had to grow up too soon.

I Know a Girl,

That shares close memories with me,

And to say the very least, it is an honor to be,

Your little sis in this lifetime.

I see your beauty and your courage as your greatest assets,

Always available for you to put forth,

Your version of reality as you create it.

And to remind you of your gifts.

While in the same breath reminding me to recognize my own.

Oh my, how much we have grown,

Into beautiful young women.

Bringing forth our lessons,

Let it be known, that it is those who march to the beat of their own drum

That here on Earth, find themselves truly at home.

And I guarantee that bonded as sisters and souls forever,

We will always see ourselves in each other.



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Woken up abruptly in the night, I felt a deep agony in my heart.
It was racing uncontrollably, it felt like it was going to leap out of my shell
Panic stricken,alone,and afraid to leave a unfinished life behind,
I saw it, looking deep into my being!
“The Raven’s eye penetrating and searching my soul”.
I then felt warmth,calmness, nurturing, a comfort of safeness as
the Raven’s wings embodied me,consoling that inner lost child
that has been locked away for so long
“Hear when we speak!” said Raven
“You shall never walk alone again,
for the Ancestors have called upon us All, to stand side by side
in the Sisters Circle Now & Forever.”

I am so extremely grateful & I feel so blessed to now have the Spiritual Family that I have longed for,  forever!  I feel so connected to Source and the love that we all hold within!   Together, the Strengths & Gifts we ALL have, can help us connect to our Ancestors.   We  can then lead the way back to the Lands…
Sending ALL my Sisters, pure Love, Light, Peacefulness and  many Blessings!

“Red Feather Speaks”



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