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Shared by “Sandy H”
Today was another day of reconnecting with students up north!
It was sure great to share experiences and learning and know that we are all moving forward with our lives.
I will move through all of my dreams with ease knowing that I have the support of so many wonderful human beings in my life here on earth!
I will relax into to my sleep and dreams knowing  that I am guided by my spirit guides and angels who are with me always, in all ways!
Good Night
Who is guiding you through your sleep and dreams tonight?
Peace, love, light and blessings
“White Eagle”

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~SHHhhhhh…can you hear it…can you hear the whispers in the wind, in the stillness, in the quiet time of the comfort of your home.

Be still they ask, be still!   Hear us, we are speaking to you!

We are guiding you, to your freedom. Just reach out take our hands, and let us guide you. Those little whispers, that little twinges, that is your Guides, guiding you. Have you ever decided to not go some where, or to turn another way, and come to find out, you advoided a terrible accident, that your Guides, stepping in and taking control to advert you from danger.

They do this everyday, we need to just be still, and quiet our minds, and soul and listen. They are with us each and everyday, every waking moment. but they can only do so much, if we aren’t ready yo listen.

Today, make it a day, to stop, be still, and listen.Just listen…..
Much Love and Light to you
Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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