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Native Americans

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I bumped into a person that I hadn’t seen in 8 years and she started our conversation by asking me “Why  I don’t seem to age”?

It was a compliment, however, it sure did seem strange to me because I never thought about getting older….. So I responded with a quick comeback because that is who I am and what I do!

Now that I have taken time to think about this, I realize there is  a system I have based my personal road on and it may help you to look younger too.

When I was young  I knew that something was and is wrong with the way life is in this living world .

I made a conscious choice at that time to base my personal road of  life on the road that my  ancestors took before Columbus.

At that time freedom was not an illusion but was a fact .

I have followed some of the laws of my ancesters only a few was all I needed to follow and here they are:

  • Ancestors say “we all come with a spirit”, science say’s  yes, “we all have a soul”.
  • Ancestors say “we are all connected” , science say’s “yes, we found the god gene and we are connected to all life forms here and in space”.
  • Ancestors say “speak only whats true, even if it hurts the other person” because lying will never help it only makes things worse( and you know this )
  • My ancestors never lived on reservations and neither have I.   Like my ancestors I moved around a whole lot and learned because to put it simply you can’t get good life experience  living in one spot all your days
  • My ancestors said “treat all with kindness”, this one was always the hardest one for me when it came to the people .
  • My ancestors said “we are caretakers of this world . I am very proud to be a caretaker of the complex in which I live  and in turn it is my small part in taking care of our world .

and the most important one to me is

  • Our ancestors knew that we are not alone in the universe and that there are not only gods , but there are also the ones that were here before us .

So thank you everyone who is  in my physical world, and spirit world for being a part of my growth and the knowing that freedom comes with knowing and understanding what is and isn’t real in my world.

Today I am very proud to be a native, and even prouder to go to the spirit world and give thanks to my ancestors for all they have done.

Remember now that you just need to look up, to wake up,  if your ready to move forward in life and that my friends is my secret to staying young!

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