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The first thing I do every morning before starting my day meditation!

This is a very special time of the day for me, as I honor everyone, and everything that is a part of all that I am!  This special time is quiet, and I feel totally connected to all that is.

My old cat Angel, gets up, goes outside and then returns back into the house and as I meditate she sits or lays at my feet touching me and purrs loudly before she settles in, zones out, and seems to go through her own meditation along with me.

Many times I have felt frustrated and pushed by her bothering me during my meditation, and because of this I had difficulty meditating as all of my focus seemed to be on what I didn’t want!

Today I joined into her meditation as I was doing mine and our connection was beautiful and fulfilling.

Upon completing our meditation, she stood up, licked my feet in gratitude, I scratched her back and she began her day as I began mine!

Today, what I learned from Angel, is that we are all truly related, we are all one provided that we allow it to be in our lives!

Thank you Angel for all that you are and all that you offer to me in every moment!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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