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As we grow in this life there are stop signs in the way!

This is where we make changes, some good and some not so good, its all up to the person that is at that stop sign in that moment.
This is one of my stop signs:
As I was growing up, I was in a place that had total control of me.  I was pretty much not welcomed, abused mentally and was abused  physically hit by my caregiver, who I grew great anger towards (and still to this day, but not as much).  I am still working on this one.  I was a child and I was to small to fight back so I took my revenge out on the boys in my class at school  I was a bully!

I was like this for 7 years until one day I ran into my first stop sign.  This came to me one day as I was thinking to myself and I realized that I was mad at my caregiver and not my friends!

At that moment I made my decision to stop fighting!
Let me tell you when you live one way for so long its hard to change overnight, anyway as word got out I had to fight almost everyday to get home to prove I was not a coward. (Sorry to those who made that mistake then)!  My point is that it was time to change myself or I was doing what my caregiver wanted me to do and my world and life would have been a waste .
So at times it sure is nice to realize that there are stop signs that we can’t see until its time for change.

That was one of the stop signs in my life!
When you have a moment, stop, think of a time you made a change in your life and maybe you will see the stop sign that was there waiting for you or you might just find one that is coming.  It all depends on you!

Do you want to change the road your on now?

If so watch for the stop signs:

  • Stop,
  • Think and
  • Move on with your life the way you want it to be!

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