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Come everyone , come sit by my fire and let me tell you a story!

It all starts back , when we as a people were still young,we were met by relatives not from here. They didn’t look like us but did in some ways seem like us.   They saw us as they flew by in the night sky and saw our fires from the stars , so they stopped in to see how we were doing on the road of life.  We invited them in to sit for tea and to eat for that is truly the human way!

As we sat I asked a being at the fire how are we doing so far as people and to see where we might go from here.  The being sat there for a bit and turned to me and said ,”I am not sure for its still a mystery that your world has to figure out!   What do you mean I asked, and the reply was “well you know the saying that there are two roads in life you can walk on” , one road leads to darkness where you can’t move any farther and the other one that is full of light, wonder and excitement, where every feeling you would like to feel is at your beck and call , the one where we see your world reach out into the stars and to be counted as one of teachers and students.   As I felt my heart sink knowing that we are nowhere near that road, I asked “how can we fix this as a world”?

I was told that we need to understand that we are connected to the universe and all things that live in it and we have a role to play in the universe.   Realize that we are not alone and we never were, and also understand that being human is not to be trapped in a cell without a key but to find the key that hides in our hearts.  We have a master key called “love”  that will open up all doors when we as a race can stand together in the doorway and say we are ready to come in from the outside now.   Our friends went back home or as they say back to their neighberhood, they thanked us for the drink and smiled at us and said “have no fear for there is still hope for you all”! , as you now see ,your world has the key(love) you have had it all the time ,its just in the wrong hands thats all and with that off they went .   As we sat there I realized that they didn’t tell us what road we were on.   Well I guess thats one mystery that we still have to find out.  I hope its the good one !  Hopefully you like my story and it makes you wonder about our life here on earth.  Also, remember that the creator just didn’t make us , he or she made lots of everything!   “More then we can imagine”!

I am now done with my story so go and spread love, it is the only thing that is still free!

“Wandering Eagle”


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