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Changing my life patterns seems to be getting easier as new situations are placed in front of me to assist me to change.

Every morning my cat, Sabbath, serves as my alarm clock to wake me up at exactly 6:00 a.m. He comes into the bedroom, jumps on the bed, starts pawing, purring and loving, and I know it is time to start moving.

I decided to change this pattern and instead of getting up at 6:00 to accommodate the needs of Sabbath, I have started to sleep in until 7:00a.m. to meet my own needs.  Amazingly, the cat is accepting of this change and will sleep in with me until 7:00 now.

The next change I have had to make has to do with my morning as well.  Once  Sabbath has me awake,I get up, I turn on the TV and watch the morning news and weather.  Three days ago the receiver on the satellite dish quit so I have no TV reception.

Now this “no TV” is a big change for me, even though I don’t watch a lot of TV! Subconsciously I know it is there for me to watch if necessary and now that I know it is not there, life is really different.  A new receiver box is being sent out and it will take another 5 days to get here because of the holidays.  Talk about changing patterns…….but it sure is amazing how adaptable I have become to these changes and my life is more vibrant and spontaneous now than it has been in many years. Along with this, my thanks to Sabbath, the alarm clock cat, I am much more rested and clear now because I can take the time to sleep in and accept the fact that it is OK to slow down and sleep in and I know he is enjoying the extra sleep as well!

What changes are you needing to make today?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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