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As I look back on the years that have passed, I realize that I was another kind
of Creature that was not human!
I didn’t realize it at time but now I see  that I was a Chameleon!
I am not saying that I changed color but I made sure that I  fit in to become a part of
any situation or group of people that were around me at the time .

Old, young or my age, or in other words all relations,
so if  I could be like a chameleon, I could do what I
wanted to do because I would blend in, be the fly on the wall
and no one would be the wiser, for I fit in so well!
So as the years pass I  find myself with so much knowledge
and understanding about myself and others around me,
that I am free to feel the energy that surrounds me or to
get a heads up if there was  a change in people.

What I mean is I will feel the change before things happen or
a heads up , when others don’t feel it.
For exsample: if I am in a situation where people are
having fun and something happens and there is a negative
energy,  I can feel it change like a radar.  I  get a chill or a feeling of uneasiness
and then in a matter of minutes the crap begins.

There is a catch to being able to do this.  I can only do it when I am clear,
not drunk, the booze just clogs it,and sends me to the danger
but when I am sober I can feel it much easier,
and I can get out before anything happens.

What about you?  Are you a chameleon because of  booze?  What can you feel?

If so give being clear a  try, dare to be you, walk your own walk, talk your own talk and
step out of the crowd!

Be counted as a real human, with a twist of chameleon
know how, not just a chameleon who doesn’t know how!

The rest will be up to you .

“Wandering Eagle” (Dean)

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