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~Remember when you wished for the day that you would be sitting on a bench near your lover…..when you grew older together…. Or how, you hoped and dreamed your parents were together, as they had passed over….or your grandparents….

They are…. they are together..sitting there holding each others hands watching the birds sing, the bunnies play, the deer peaking their noses around the corners out of the trees… they are together…. even if one has passed already, and your loved one, their loved one is still here on the Earth plane.. they are in transition….their bodies are here but their souls have basically left them.. their minds arent here any longer.. they are distant….that is because they are there in the Divne Heavenly world with their loved one.. they are getting ready to make the trasnsiton..the final phase…. Don’t worry about them, for they are fine.. they are happy they are now taking the time to do what the should have done on the Earth plane with each other… they are making up for it in Heaven.   When they are distant, just ask them who is there… ask them if they are with their Loved one who crossed over already…..For some it takes a while for them to make this transition for the unknown is very scary at times….but they will….it will be sometime when you least expect it.

As this Holiday season fast approaches.. your loved ones are saying.. “Don’t cry for me… for I am happier than I had ever been… I hold your mothers hand… I squeeze it gently….she comes with me.. and she sees…..Try not to be so sad… for we will be together very soon…..
Much Love from your Loved ones crossed over..and your Guides..
Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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When you breathe, the Creator breathes
When the Creator speaks, you speak
When you feel Joy, the Creator feels Joy
for you are as is The Creator & The Creator is as you are
for together there is no beginning or no end

“Red Feather”

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In this world there are four ways I can be bullied!

Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually!

I choose now to be free from bullying as I move forward on my journey through life!

Peace, love, light, blessings and freedom to us all!

“White Eagle”

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The world as you know it is changing rapidly. You will notice that there are many who are now coming forward with the information that you need to have included in your life and in your conscious understanding. It is all about consciously understanding your world and how you create your own world through your thoughts, actions, beliefs and the structure of the world changing to accommodate the thoughts that you have.

Many you know are right when they say it’s not what you think but how you think that is the key to changing your world for you when you become aware of those things that you wish to change.

Others who do not understand what needs to go out into your world will learn. It is not complex, it is only simple, and needs to be kept simple for all to understand. Please remember dear one, that all you encounter are brain trained through indoctrinated teaching to do things in their own way, in their own time. You too, carry this indoctrination, however, you are becoming more and more conscious and aware of how this parochial thinking affects you and your world as you create it for you.

Be still, and keep moving through this stillness, taking steps of surety towards whatever exists for you in each precious moment. This is what life is about now. Small steps, not knowing where they are leading you but having the trust and faith that all will be as it is to be leading you towards fulfilling your life purpose and achieving your dreams.

Peace , love and light be with you on glorious day. We are with you as we are you and welcome you back to intuitively knowing that we are here.




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