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Many times in our lives we are looking for what we already have!

Every human being has their own unique way of being in this world, and how sad it is for us who have gone before you to realize that every precious earth being is going through like not knowing who you are. Many of the lessons that come to you arrive from only the brain trained existence which is a small part of you. Non-integrated brain training places you in a position where you know that you are supposed to know something and in fact, you already do know it, you just don’t realize it. As you awaken to all that you are, you will recognize that you are a unique human being with love, peace, and purpose existing beneath the layers of your brain-trained conscious existence which you take to be the reality in which you live your life.

The knowledge coming to you from only your brain is simply information until it is integrated with the inside information gained through the Integration of the Human Being.


Integration of the Human and the Being is attained when the Human becomes a true expression of the Being. It is from this integration that the Natural Flow of Consciousness exists and your personal power, skills and abilities as a Human Being can consciously begin.

Integration begins through being consciously aware of all that you are from the inside of your being to the outside of you the human. Conscious awareness requires diligence, observation and understanding of your affect on all that is around you from the outside and the inside of your precious self.


If you notice that the affect you are having on people around you is not fitting with the affect you were wanting:
• Stop and check your own need to be accepted.
• Determine whether you are programmed to always be right, meaning that everyone and everything else is wrong!
• Do you need to be perfect, or are you O.K. knowing that you are imperfect and willing to learn from your imperfections and the imperfections of others?
• Are you able to be who you are and accept yourself as you are when you are in the company of others who are different from you?
• Do you know that everyone is right from their own personal perspective?


Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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Woken up abruptly in the night, I felt a deep agony in my heart.
It was racing uncontrollably, it felt like it was going to leap out of my shell
Panic stricken,alone,and afraid to leave a unfinished life behind,
I saw it, looking deep into my being!
“The Raven’s eye penetrating and searching my soul”.
I then felt warmth,calmness, nurturing, a comfort of safeness as
the Raven’s wings embodied me,consoling that inner lost child
that has been locked away for so long
“Hear when we speak!” said Raven
“You shall never walk alone again,
for the Ancestors have called upon us All, to stand side by side
in the Sisters Circle Now & Forever.”

I am so extremely grateful & I feel so blessed to now have the Spiritual Family that I have longed for,  forever!  I feel so connected to Source and the love that we all hold within!   Together, the Strengths & Gifts we ALL have, can help us connect to our Ancestors.   We  can then lead the way back to the Lands…
Sending ALL my Sisters, pure Love, Light, Peacefulness and  many Blessings!

“Red Feather Speaks”



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