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  • It is our light not the darkness that most frightens us!
  • Playing small does not serve the world!
  • There is nothing enlightening about shrinking and being small ┬áso that others won’t feel insecure around you!
  • We were all shy as children. This shyness is not just in some of us its in everyone.
  • As we let our light shine we unconsciously give other people the permission to do the same.
  • As we are liberated from our fear our fears disappear!
  • Our fear is not that we are inadequate,our deepest fear is we are powerful and adequate .
  • Dare to be great and dare to be powerful beyond measure!

Written by Marianne Williamson/ Nelson Mandala and others

submitted by”Wandering Eagle”

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  • Live your life from your inside.
  • Outside influence keeps us down.
  • We are all one.
  • We are all gods.
  • It is time to shine .
  • Take back your power.
  • Be what you were meant to be, not what you are told to be.
  • We are all ┬áloving, caring, and spiritual beings and these are the truth!

“Wandering Eagle”

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