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The two most powerful words that exist today, in my opinion, are YES and NO!

 There is not a choice I have made that cannot be dealt with by using one of these two very powerful words.

There are some problems that do arise from using these words and it stems from how we are conditioned to use or not use these words in our life time.

Have you been given permission in your life to use the word NO?

When I was a child I remember being told to not say NO!  It was rude and impolite.  By receiving that message at a very young age, it limited my choices and led me through many life experiences that I really did not want to have in my life.

On the other hand I was also taught to not agree with everything in my life, and to be cautious of saying YES to those people who may want to use me for their own gain!  What a non-decision making position I was in.  If I said NO I was rude, if I said YES I was used!

I was so thankful when Neurontology came into my life and I learned about these two very small but powerful words that created the greatest problems for me in my life.

Through learning about Neurontology, I learned to handle these words by first understanding which word I needed to use in order to change my behavior and be honest with myself.

My inability to say NO led to my greatest problems, so I learned to always preface the word NO with YES.  All it takes is using the word, changing the context and it is saying NO in a way that my pre-programmed self can handle.  The phrase I use today when I want to say NO is…….YES, I WOULD LOVE TO BUT I CAN’T!  It is certainly amazing how people do not push me to say YES to something I choose not to do when I use this statement.

If you are a person who knows how to say NO and use it as a defense mechanism that stops you from learning and growing, you to can use the word in the same way!  When I use this phrase and feel that I need to justify the NO, it becomes simple……NO, I haven’t, or NO way but I am willing to try it!

Enjoy the play with what you say today! or not!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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