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Tribal Unity 4 Liberation

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There was a time in my life that I believed everything I did needed to be difficult! Difficulty was the way that I justified my existence, my importance, self worth and the work that I did. If it wasn’t difficult, then I was not working to my capacity, I was not worthwhile, I was lazy and I had nothing left to learn.  No chaos for me was boring!

I learned very rapidly that people would judge me by what they perceived was my busyness, not my business.  The more I worked the more valued I was, the more important I became to myself.

  • Where would this job be without me?
  • Where would all of these people who rely on me be without me?
  • Where would I be if all of these people didn’t rely on me?

The greatest thrill for me became working myself out of one job to create another one for myself.  If I didn’t have a problem to work through on the job I would create one, and most of the organizations I worked with loved to hand me all of their problems to work on because I would jump to the challenge and work through the chaos involved with the problems and if I was lucky I would create more chaos to work on while I was working through the initial chaos, until I was totally immersed in chaos and in my glory challenging myself to be better than I believed I was!

This chaos creating also moved into my household, everything from creating problems within my relationships with my family, my friendships, to living in disorganized chaos that would need to be completely sorted out before visitors showed up on the doorstep.  My personal paperwork also became another source of chaos and challenge for me, and then I started my own business and chaos became MAJOR CHAOS to really justify my existence.

One day I stopped and took stock of the amount of chaos that existed in my life and I came to terms with being what I refer to as “A Chaos Junkie”! In this moment I began to realize that life is really very simple.  Living in this moment, taking one step at a time, and dealing with issues with ease is what life is all about.  I value myself, and know that my busyness is not the value of my worth to me or anyone else who is a part of my life.

Do you create Chaos in your life?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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Every relationship that I have is unique!

I hear so much from many people who are confused about their relationships today:

  • Marriages,
  • Intimate relationships,
  • Friendships,
  • Acquaintances,
  • Family members,
  • Working relationships,
  • Partnerships

and the list grows, but at this time relationship issues sure are surfacing big time!

What can we do differently to ensure that these relationships are of value to us in our lives?

The Channel speaks:

Where relationship begins is within you.  The relationship that you have with you is the starting point for all relationships that exist in your world through you.

Begin by examining how it is that you relate to yourself.  At this time on earth the major shifting and changing that is taking place is opening you up t all that you are from the inside of your precious being.  You may notice others changing rapidly but are you aware of the changes that are beginning to unfold within you?

When the relationship within you is not consciously understood it may become more difficult to relate to and have a relationship with someone or something that is outside of you.

“The relationship that you have with you is simply the way that you relate to you”!

Remember that a relationship in your definitions is:

  • Connection
  • Behavior or feelings towards somebody else
  • Friendship
  • Connection by family (as defined by Encarta)

Also remember that relate is:

  • Having a connection with something
  • Finding or showing connection
  • Involve somebody or something
  • Form Friendly Association
  • Respond to somebody or something
  • Tell or describe something

To understand the relationship you have with others you first need to understand the connection that you have to you!
Peace, love, light and blessings as we learn from ourselves and one another!

“White Eagle”

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Meditation is the emptying or concentration of the mind through contemplation or relaxation.

Meditation is a personal celebration of the wonder of the universe–and the cultivation of our capacities for awe and amazement at “all that is”.  It involves the unity of self and all beings, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually in the humble recognition of oneself as one small but valuable part of the total.  It is the whole involvement of you, being captivated and excited by the marvel of it all.

To see meditation this way is to recognize other human beings, the earth and the entire universe as sacred and valued.

It means that every single person, entity, and animate object on the planet is to be treated as valuable, deserving of love, respected, and honored as being unique.

The souls journey begins by first loving, respecting and honoring ourselves as the unique being we are knowing that we are not perfect, thus allowing ourselves to grow and change.

Meditation is a unique process for every unique human being.  In order to honor your own personal journey through life you may want to use the following two suggestions to begin your journey to experience the wisdom and wonder of you.  Centering and progressive relaxation can guide you to the peace, love and beauty of the silent mind which is unique to you.

These two processes can be used to ready you for positive affirmations, giving thanks for all that you have, prayers, manifestation of change and movement in your life or whatever you choose for you.

Enjoy your journey.

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