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Many years ago I was given the name “White Eagle”  in a vision.

For a very long time I did not use the name I was given as I did not feel worthy until I had gone through many more life experiences and dreams.

The name that I chose to use for that time was “White Bird” and one night I had a dream while I was sleeping and I knew that it was time  to fly free and use my name “White Eagle”.


I will sleep and dream well knowing that I am doing and will continue to do all that I need to do  in becoming at one with my name, my life and my vision!  

Are  you at one  with your life visions?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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Your Beautiful Life

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Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.  Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside, awakens...~Carl Jung
Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens…
~Carl Jung~
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Somewhere along my journey, I have come to learn that a vision is a calling of the Great Spirit…. The Old Ones say that when you are given a vision, it becomes your way of life… It puts the pieces together and allows you to know what it so, for you… A vision is not just sight, nor thoughts alone, or spirit only…
When a vision comes to you, it’s like a butterfly floating in the sky. It is the miracle of transformation. Following your vision is a choice that allows you to discover who you are, to get to know yourself in a precious and meaningful way… To discover your truth and sing the song that was written in your heart…
As you unlock the doors of your vision, a self-dedication grows… You grow into the unique and precious being you were created to be… Some of us travel many moons in search of our purpose, for others it comes earlier… sometimes we find IT, and sometimes IT finds us…
No matter how it happens… when that time comes and you get hit with great insight in your life, always remember to honor this gift and give thanks… by living the wisdom with which you have been gifted… May you find the courage to let go of old patterns and mindsets that no longer serve you…
You came from a place where life was based on Doing… You have now found your place where life is based on Being… May you find comfort in knowing that this way of life is rooted in a sense of belonging and connectedness to All of Creation… and that simply Being is enough, ideal and sacred…
We are all One, we are all related… Yet at the same time, we are each unique; blessed with our own visions, purposes and medicines…. May you learn to trust in yourself, in the Great Spirit that lives withIn you… and in the wisdom you were given… it came to you for a reason… and along your journey my girl, always remember, You define a life well lived… You are loved… You are precious. You do not walk alone…
For these words I give thanks to our Ancestors, my spirit guides, elders, teachers and my nikawi…. Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations) hiy hiy – Redberry

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Looking behind, I am filled with gratitude,
looking forward, I am filled with vision,
looking upwards I am filled with strength,
looking within, I discover peace.
~ Quero Apache Prayer~
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‎”Looking behind I am filled with gratitude
Looking forward I am filled with vision
Looking upwards I am filled with strength
Looking within I discover peace.”
-Apache prayer

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Looking behind, I am filled with gratitude,
looking forward, I am filled with vision,
looking upwards I am filled with strength,
looking within, I discover peace.
~ Quero Apache Prayer

Universal Lightworkers
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Creating a life from vision…. to leave a legacy of love….Healing takes courage my girl… and knowing you have chosen to walk this path makes my heart sing… For many winters you have created your life out of fear… it is what you were taught… but not the original instruction of your heart… you were meant to create a life out of love… already blessed with your first teacher living within you, your own heart…

You knew this at one time, but somewhere along the way, love was replaced with fear and it became the guiding force in your life… when we let fear guide our decisions in life, we become mentally, spiritually and emotionally stunted… often unknowingly this fear is paralyzing and it creeps into all aspects of our lives… including our parenting…

One of the greatest gifts we can give to our children is to break the cycle of fear…The opposite of fear is vision… Vision is driven by love… The first step in breaking the cycle of fear is to ask yourself, do I love myself enough to create a joyful life? And do I love my children enough to create a happy life so I can show them what that looks like?

Creating a life from vision rather than fear is necessary for healthy parenting, my girl… and to create a life from vision, you must listen to your heart… as legends from the Old Ones tell… when we stop parenting from fear, we give our child the freedom to discover his strengths, claim his nature and allow it to unfold as it is meant to… By investing with vision instead of weighing down your child with fear, you encourage his awakening and facilitate your own…

Get to know your child`s heart… Encourage what she loves. That is how you polish something… anything… with love, awe and wonder…. If you remember the words you were led to, you will see… a rough cut stone is to the gleaming piece of turquoise as the boy is to the man… as a guardian, you were blessed with an opportunity to help polish this gentle soul so Creator can use it in service of the people…

Each day may you celebrate and encourage your child’s uniqueness and foster your own healing and growth as a parent and human being… by opening your heart, looking within and humbly recognizing your humanness, you will have a relationship with your child that is based on love and mutual respect. In loving them and respecting them for who they are, as you do yourself, you will raise a child who knows his purpose, fulfills his destiny and loves himself for who he is…

May you always encourage your child to shine… and with each sunrise, may you consider the story you are creating for your child… If you want the best for her, create her story from vision by beginning at the end… a vision begins at its completion… in times of uncertainty or confusion, may you look to the stars and call on the Old Ones for the wisdom and guidance you need in creating a vision for her until she is old enough to create a vision of their own… in doing so you will have contributed to another gentle soul leaving a legacy of love…

We are all One… May you walk in love and peace…

For this knowledge I humbly give thanks to our Ancestors, my spirit guides, teachers, elders, my mom and spiritual family….

Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations) Hiy Hiy (Redberry)

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There are leaders without titles among us all the time, open your eyes and you will see them, open your mind and you can learn from them, open your heart and they will become a part of your motivation.

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