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“The pictures you hold in your mind imprint themselves on the reality of everyday life.
The feelings you hold in your heart attracts to you experiences that exactly match them.
The harmony you hold in your body allows the flow of wellness that keeps your body healthy.”
– Dr Jeff Mullan –


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Jeff Mullan

‎”The Universe does not expect you to be what you cannot be. But it does expect you to be the best that you can be! So allow your uniqueness to shine through the way you celebrate each day with wonderment in your spirit, well-being in your mind, and wellness in your body as your gift to yourself and the world.”

– Dr Jeff Mullan-

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‎”The Universe does not expect you to be what you cannot be. But it does expect you to be the best that you can be! So celebrate your best self each day with wonderment in your spirit, well-being in your mind, and wellness in your body, as your gift to the world.”

-Dr Jeff Mullan II

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In the last week I have received many calls from many friends who have been having their bodies worked on based on new and different ways to:

  • Scan their body
  • Diagnose their body
  • Work with their body
  • Nourish their body
  • Determine problems areas within their body
  • Balance their body
  • Get well, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually

A lot of this work today is being done through energy sensing and becoming aware of the the brilliance of the human being on many levels……This is what the channel says about


This word is one, which has been used in error to describe the intelligence of the individual human being on earth. At this time it is necessary to know that each human being has a brilliance, which shines from the inside out. This brilliance is carried through life by the human being in the form of light, an aura, chi or energy field, which allows you to know what the level of wellness, is in your physical body. This energy field is seen by many, and at this time in history more and more human beings are becoming aware of the brilliance of the human beings who inhabit the earth.

This brilliance is not in the form of brainpower or brain training, which is also sometimes referred to as brilliance, it is the energy, which is generated from you from the inside out. This brilliance of which we are speaking is you. You are your own source of power and when you make the connection with your power source all will be well in your world.

Peace, love, light and blessings as you heal from the inside/out.

“White Eagle”

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Fulfillment is being full of life and have the ability through sense to integrate all that you are into you. Fulfillment is achieving your life purpose.

Your life purpose is a process, which all precious humans go through and this process is the process of becoming who it is that you are living your purpose in harmony and integrated with all that is. Fulfillment is the integration of you into your world and being a part of all that is.

Every human being has skills that are unique only to them without limitation.

When the human being is aligned with their life purpose these skills will become evident and every skill that you possess becomes of value to the earth plane as it was meant to be. Many humans today attempt to gain skills, which are not in form with who they are.

By defining your own skills, the skills that move you into the passion of life, you will become who it is that you truly are. These skills that are unique to you are your own personal life skills and these skills will allow you to create

HEALING/ HEALTH/and HARMONY in your life for you!

Our mission in bringing this information to earth space at this time is to assist all who are wishing to create wellness now.

Many of the systems, which are in place, are compounding the problems that exist through not knowing that all wellness begins from within. When the brain, the body, the mind and the inner self are aligned healing and wellness are possible for every human in earth space today.

Remember to climb every mountain, in both sickness and in health.  Your life purpose is within your grasp from your precious inside to the outside of you!

Begin your journey now, with a new awareness, knowing there is healing, hope and wellness for all.

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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A day of insight and self care!

I am going to see a naturalist to learn more about my physical being!

I am a very strong human being mentally, emotionally and spiritually, but I sure need to learn a lot more about the strength and balancing of my physical being!!   Today is a day to do just that!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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This morning was physically painful for me!

Over the years I have worked very hard to keep myself healthy, however, when I was younger I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus and I have had it disappear, come back, disappear again, comeback again, and last night my body hurt.  I have made an appointment to see a Naturalist this week, however, I was knowing that I was missing something.  I was calm this morning, asked for the reason this was happening and asked for assistance in the discreation of this and other dis-ease in my life and in my inbox I found:

Excuses Begone! – The Gift of Imagination


This is what I had forgotten!  Thank you Wayne Dyer!

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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Staying well has been a challenge for me!

I have always been a fighter and have proceeded to fight even though in many cases I have ended up losing the perceived battle. Today I have learned that being well is not a battle, I first need to:

  • accept the fact that I am not well,
  • examine the reasons for not being well,
  • determine what I am learning from being not well,
  • accept it and
  • let it go!

Acceptance and letting go of what is happening with my physical being is my key today to staying well.   Finding the resources who understand and will honor my choice of being well are also important for me!  There are many who may unknowingly hold me into being unwell under the guise of caring simply because they lack conscious awareness!

Peace, love, light and blessings and thank you Red Feather for the reminder!

“White Eagle

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