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Come on the peace train

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what if?
What A wonderful world it would be!
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Every morning since the earthquakes and tsunamis I have found myself getting more agitated, upset  and grouchy.

This morning a good friend “Red Feather” called and we were able to talk about what it is like for those of us who are sensitive, gifted and intuitive going through these changing times of  loss and disaster!  I have been weeping with Mother Earth and recognizing how important it is for all of us who exist on earth plane to take care of:

  • Ourselves
  • Each Other
  • Mother Earth
  • All 2 leggeds
  • All 4 leggeds
  • Winged ones
  • Those who swim
  • Those who crawl
  • The air that we breath
  • The water that sustains us
  • The moon, the stars and other galaxies
  • Everyone and everything that is a part of our precious earth and beyond!

Being an intuitive helper allows me to not only hear the news, see the pictures and hear the words that are being said through all of our socially biased and indoctrinated systems, but also to really feel and sense the affects on every animate and inanimate being and object on earth plane.

Today I  recognize that I need to set boundaries for myself in what information I allow to come through me.  During these times of chaos and devastation this is a wonderful lesson to learn.  In this moment, I will listen and choose to immerse myself in only those things that I know are important to me in this moment.

I will now stop saying “What if” to myself, and know that “What if”s” do not work for me.

“What if” simply means that I could have done something from brain training, rationalization and justification that has now passed, or allows me to solve an issue that has not yet happened or may not happen.  With all of these What If’s, I certainly have missed a whole lot of IT IS’s that have been right in front of me to teach me in this moment!

My prayers, love, compassion and understanding go out to all now giving thanks to Creator and know that we are all one, we are all related in this moment and it is only in this moment through our thoughts and gifts that we can make a difference!

“White Eagle”

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