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Those who love you are not fooled by mistakes you have made or dark images you hold about yourself.
They remember your beauty when you feel ugly; your wholeness when you are broken; your innocence when you feel guilty; and your purpose when you are confused.

— African saying–

Shared by “Missr Holland”

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Love is therapy, and there is no other therapy in the world except love.
It is always love that heals, because love makes you Whole.

ღ✿ Osho

by Peace, Compassion, Love

Shared by “Kalika”

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I am grateful for my beautiful family and friends, and all the teachers along the way. It takes a community to feel whole.

“Speaks with Wings”

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I go deep into the core of my True Being. There I see astonishing light, shimmering and flickering so bright, many colors of Aura surrounding the true essence of who I came to be!

Vibrating, flowing outwardly, blanketing me with a sense of calmness I send love out to the Universe so all can feels it’s breathtaking healing for it will dissolve the largest of problems that have been formed in the name of fear.

There is only one Power, the Power of Love which lies within us all. A gift given to us from our Creator, so awaken to your souls my brothers and sisters. Then we will stand side by side in the circle, for the shape of our world is our example to follow….it is our guide; The circle is our strength to stand together, and become one; never alone again.  As one we make the choices together to leave our fears behind.  For Love is what will set us all free, to truly just be.  This is our true purpose to bring light back into our lives, and lives of others so our paths can be seen clearly which leads us to a world full of Love and Peace….Come with me and join the circle for we have been called to bring hope back to all of mankind.  We have been asked to be part of the change.  Let’s raise our energy vibrations and feel the Power of Love so we can create a world once again that flows gracefully…..creating the world we all desire that is filled with purpose, peace, love and light.

Many blessings

“Red Feather”

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The word love has become to be different from every human being who encounters this word. Love was intended to be a word, which represents the human beings undefined wholeness, which is being connected to all that is. This word has changed in it’s meaning with the evolution of the human. Every human understands this word in a different way from the outside of ones being. Love to one human may mean pain; love to another human being may mean happiness, to another joy, to another caring, to another anger, to another completeness. This word in it’s purest sense should be to be at one with, however it is through the outside conditioning in the world that this word is not definable at this time. The word love is being misused to define the relationships, which exist between two individuals.
What is your love language?

What were the messages that were given to you throughout your life, which led you to adopt the beliefs that you hold about love?

Love as it is defined today is simply an individual definition, which is registered in the brain of every human on the face of the earth.
When you see this word in this way, what does this word mean to you. Does it mean that you enjoy being a part of all that is; does it mean that there is an accepted belief about what it is to every human on earth? This word is one of the most un definable words that there is today, however, it is also one of the most frequently used words today, that is supposed to mean the same thing to every person who encounters another living being today. It is through this word that many of the social problems of today have developed and the structure of your society today is breaking down because of it.

  • There is a love for you,
  • a love for your parents,
  • a love for your children,
  • a love for your friends,
  • a love for your life partner,
  • a love for the earth,
  • a love of animals and
  • a love for life.

This word has not even the same meaning to everyone who encounters it when speaking of self-love. When the word love is used in the context of today’s social conditioning the problems which you will encounter are insurmountable, and this word is leaving doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and every person who walks the earth plane in a helping capacity stupefied.

In polarity, is love hate, and hate love?

The uniqueness of this word comes not from the inside of oneself, but from the social conditioning which exists in the world today. When the earth plane came to be to the word love meant only to honor the unique self, to be at one with and connected to and to honor all of those who were a part of the earth plane for being unique and wondrous entities who inhabit the planet. Such a long way the earth has come in the definition of one word, which in its truest sense was one, which the mind registered at one with. This word created the direction and provided response able decisions to come from the uniqueness of every living thing, and provided the mind with the ability to censor individually what was spontaneous in this life. This word is no longer representative of the inner self and sensing, it is only representative today of what social conditioning defines it as. We are very concerned about the state of the earth at this time, and the disguise of all that has come to be under the illusion of love. Love has now become a word of manipulation, conditioning and control over the earth and other human beings. In order to get back to the true definition of this word, it needs to come from within every human being, and the honor which is bestowed on yourself, can then be bestowed on all of the earth’s creations which will create what the world was intended to be; a true, and loving planet where all can sustain in beauty and life. This concept of love is a difficult one to write about, due to the fact that the conditioning of this word comes from a place which is outside of oneself and it is difficult to have people understand that there is not one definition for this word today that will fit with every unique individual who is on the earth plane. This word needs to be examined from an individual perspective, not from the outside of oneself, in order to determine how you fit in with the social conditioning of today, but to first acknowledge and define how this word fits with your uniqueness in life. In the case of the word love, so many of the human’s today are experiencing the pain of the brain creating interference with their precious unique understanding of the word love. When you remove all of the social conditioning and outside meanings of this word, you will find that there is a pureness, and innocence which exists within us all, and it is through this pureness and innocence that the true meaning of the word love will surface and lead you towards your purpose and a stronger unique self on the earth.

When the word love is no longer synonymous with ownership, control and domination the earth will become a place of peace and compassion beyond what the human being has knowledge of in the now.

Love will then be able to flow easily through every human being and the earth will flourish and sustain itself through the energy of the human beings who truly recognize their importance to the earth minus the social conditioning and brain training which is so accepted by the earth today.

Peace, light, blessings and much love

“White Eagle”

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Love is the most wonderful feeling on the earth when we  truly learn what love is!

It is sad in today’s world that many of  life’s difficulties and negative actions stem from not understanding this connection and true feeling. Love is the connected wholeness to all that is in our world.

Peace, love, light and blessings to us all as we discover the true love that exists within us today for all that is in our world!

“White Eagle”

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Patterns are a huge part of our lives!

What is a pattern and where on earth did this concept of patterns come from?

To find out what a pattern is I headed for the Encarta Dictionary and here is what I found.


1. regular form: a regular or repetitive form, order, or arrangement
a predictable pattern of behavior
local variations in voting patterns

2. design: a repeated decorative design,
e.g. on fabric a zigzag pattern

3. plan or model:
a plan or model used as a guide for making something a knitting pattern

4. prototype:
an original design or model from which exact copies can be made

5. good example:
a model that is considered to be worthy of imitation

6. regular manner of performance:
a regular or standard way of moving or behaving the flight patterns of birds

transitive verb

1. model something on something: to make something in such a way that it imitates the design, structure, or another quality of something else
2. put pattern on something: to make something into, or decorate something with, a repeated decorative design

When I look at these definitions I can really relate to how easy it is to get caught up in the patterns of life that in turn create my routines, that in turn create my acceptance or rejection of myself by either myself or others. This word seems to have been an issue in my life for a very long time, and whenever I have issues I check with the guides to determine what I can do with the issues I encounter that will enhance my life. The guides always seem to cut through these issues and give me the base cause of the difficulties I am encountering with the issue. Here is the channelling that was done some time ago on patterns. It is called Patterns of Perfection: Enjoy!


Are all of the flowers in a field the same?
What makes one flower perfect and another imperfect?

Are all human beings the same?
What makes one human being perfect and another imperfect?

Those who strive to be perfect are imperfect.
To find balance or the neutral zone, remember
That if you want to be perfect, you must believe
Yourself to be imperfect! This is a challenge
For all humans on earth today. Understand that
Nothing in your world is perfect!

Perfection is your perception!
It is a process of fulfillment and becoming whole.

Embrace you, your perfections and imperfections as you journey forward through this lifetime knowing that you are a human being who is learning, doing and being all that you are!

How many of your patterns and routines begin by wanting to be perfect in your eyes or in the eyes of others?

Peace, love and light be with you on this exciting journey into your true existence.
“White Eagle”

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One day as I was walking down the street discussing a course that I was taking and how I learn many of my life lessons with one of my mentors, I unknowingly said: “It all depends on Brain Training”! He stopped, looked at me and said: “What did you say”? I replied
“it all depends on your own personal brain training”! We very quickly got into an excited conversation about brain training, however, I had no idea how important this phrase would become to me and others that I have known over the years. I checked with the channel within and the following definition miraculously appeared:

All of the precious human beings who are on earth today undergo many forms of brain training that is meant only for the good of the human being. Unfortunately, in many cases brain training creates many of the maladies that exist on earth today. Every brain is unique, as it is a part of the uniqueness of each human being. Every human being has a gift, the ability to sort information provided from the outside of oneself. When the mind, the body and the brain are not connected and working in synchronicity, problems encountered may not be resolvable. When you shift your perspective, move to another vantage point (the inside, the heart, the inner senses, inner being or spirit) to observe all that is, brain training can be a great asset to assist in sorting out who you are and what your life purpose is in this moment. Brain training is not negative, it becomes negative when the mind, the body, emotion and spirit are not on the same channel as the brain. You are the connector; when you are only focused from the outside in and not aware of what is happening from the inside out, brain training takes over. Your journey through life needs to be one of wholeness; the human being is now learning to access the whole Human Being, not just the brain. Over development and overuse of the brain has resulted in the body and the mind not being connected. Many humans have become over brain trained in order to become accepted as a part of their society on earth. You have become your brain and this is the greatest myth existing today. You are not your brain, when you are connected with your mind, body, emotion and spirit your brain will support you and provide you with the guidance necessary for you to become your own unique human being. You will be your own conscious being flowing from the inside out.

“White Eagle”


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