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Food For Thought – Daily Inspiration to Follow Your Dreams

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"Winter is the time of love and of taking the light within."“Winter is the time of love and of taking the light within.”

Shared by “Missr Holland”

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The snow is falling, the ground is turning white, the trees are swaying in the wind and a new season is upon us!

Am I ready for a new season?

Only when I stay in this moment and recognize the beauty and everything that surrounds me!

Peace, love, light and blessings!
“White Eagle”

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When I woke up this morning the ground was completely blanketed with snow!

Two days ago I was watching some robins that had shown up for the spring. They were hopping about in search of food and when they took  flight my heart was soaring with them.  It was an exciting,  beautiful and warm spring day!

Today my heart was not soaring because of the snow.  Then I began to think of how Mother Earth takes care of herself, and in turn takes care of me as an inhabitant of this wonderful earth of ours and my heart began to soar once again!

I am grateful to walk on earth plane, to be a part of the Master Plan that unfolds through Mother Earth daily.  Peace, love, light and blessings to us all!

“White Eagle”

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