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Grounding:   What grounds you? And what the heck does grounding mean?

I remember a day when grounding was the worst thing that could happen at the time.   Of course I was a young child then and it usually meant I was not allowed to participate in something or had to stay in my room.   So it meant boredom! But life goes a bit ass backwards sometimes, because now I look to be grounded.  Except it is me that grounds myself and not someone imposing it on me.

It’s a feeling of being whole and appreciating where I am at.   I find that when I am not grounded, I am always seeking something and striving for more, more and more.  Wanting more is not a bad thing, I suppose, but it’s also letting me know the present isn’t good enough.

So finding grounding for me, I can find it difficult as a mom right now.   Because I’m always looking for more but not just for myself but for my family.   Being a mom means I have to “sacrifice” parts of my being that I’m not always willing to give up sometimes.   And to be honest, I don’t see it so much as sacrifice because my family is not here for me.   We are here together.   So, right now, it’s a lack of a better word.

But if I don’t encourage parts of myself to grow – like writing – I get so lost and I seek to fill that void.   So grounding to me is being able to write.   It’s also being able to share honestly with who I am.   I say that because I work in a corporate world.   Nobody is really caring about what is going on with my feelings or what beliefs I carry.   It’s to get the job done, efficiently and have it done the day before it started.   And it’s an interesting experience, work, but it sure plays with me.   So I have found myself ungrounded these days because I haven’t been able to embrace those needs of who I am.   And depression set in.   And for those that have known me for sometimes, I am not the best at keeping in touch on the best of days.   So include depression into the mix, well I’ve been a turtle hiding in my shell.

But the truth is, I’ve just been struggling with balance of my responsibilities and keeping in touch with myself.   People and nature, along with writing – that’s my grounding.   And I hope to write more, now that I have no plastic in my wallet and I put my energy into what I can create instead of what I can buy.    How about that? I think I just discovered my spending habits….hmmmm.

So that’s my thoughts on grounding.  What do you think?

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