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Falling in love you remain a child; rising in love you mature. By and by, love becomes not a relationship, it becomes a state of your being. Not that you are ‘in’ love – now you are love.

“April” via Mystic Yoga

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~~~Knowing who you truly are, being centered and living as much as we can in the presence of our true nature, connected to source which ultimately is all what there truly is, which is LOVE, was seldom so important then now and in the time to come from now on forth.
Therefore I want to encourage you,… call on you to gather your strength and re-align yourSELF. In that you will be the light shining in the dark and emanating that, what is needed most at this point in time of change,… unconditional Love & Compassion.

And don’t get sucked into the what looks like chaos, negativity and so force; it is only a temporary reality what you see right now, a “real” illusion. It’s this drama for many, the pain of mother earth expressed, which provides each of us with the opportunity to go beyond our sadness, go beyond the helplessness of our own physical inability to change things. It’s the opportunity for each of us to remember our true nature and the strength of LOVE we carried inside of us all the time. It’s the opportunity to realize that beyond the helplessness we might feel, each one of us has been given the strength and power to change all that. How,…??? Just BE you, BE who you truly are, BE the Love & the Light, BE the Peace, Freedom and Harmony you want to see in others and the world,… because you are the world.
And don’t believe you are alone in this, thousands upon thousands already started to do the same and millions upon millions will be those who together in the presence of LOVE & LIGHT overcome the burdens of our past.
You are not alone, never were and never will be. There is no you without me and no me without you.
I’m with you,… all-ways. ~~~

Feel free to path it on to those you feel will listen.

Wishing you all the best, lots of Love & Light your way
Many blessings

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