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“The Universe is always celebrating its magnificence, it’s majesty and magic in a never-ending variety of ways – and we are able to do the same. So surprise yourself and be creative and unique and awesome today.” – Dr Jeff Mullan
“The Universe is always celebrating its magnificence, it’s majesty and magic in a never-ending variety of ways – and we are able to do the same. So surprise yourself and be creative and unique and awesome today.”
– Dr Jeff Mullan-

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Each of us are gifted in an important and unique way.
It is our privilege during our life path, to discover our own special light.

Let your light shine

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“You were born to noble – but not better than anyone else. You were created to be unique – but not more special than anyone else. You were meant to celebrate life – so that life can celebrate with you. You exist to be loved – because love is why you came into existence.”
– Dr Jeff Mullan

Peace, love, light and blessings

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Jeff Mullan

‎”In a world that wants us all to be the same, you came here to be unique – different – to be one of a kind. Remember that you are irreplaceable – so be yourself, love yourself and express yourself the way you want to be.”

– Dr Jeff Mullan

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“Each one of us is special and unique and can uplift all those whose lives we touch. Your destiny is to come out of the shadows of fear and stand center stage in the spotlight so that your Soul can radiate love and light and laughter to the world.” – DrJeff Mullan II

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Some people call them flaws… I say that is what makes me unique!

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In simplicity dear ones, the way that we do this is to communicate, however, it is important for you to understand what communication actually is.  We communicate from the core of our inner being to the exterior of our physical body.  These messages that we relay go out in the form of energy to all that exist on earth plane and beyond.    You ask how it is that we communicate from our inner being?

Our inner being is a complex series of energy waves, that pulse and move, backwards and forwards through all that we know of as psychological time as well as moving through real time which in theory can be called simultaneous life times!  It is most important for us today to understand only the time that is right in front of us right now. Keep in mind that the vantage point that you have at this time of transformation is the vantage point that you need to have to communicate all that you are and all that you require on your unique journey through this lifetime.

Every form of communication that we use today has one thing in common!  Simply dear ones, the one thing you need to be aware of  is how you think. Your thoughts are the base of all communication, and all communication is based on how you think.  When you think negative thoughts through the need to be in control, in order to escape the fear that exists for you in this moment, what you put into the world is the negative energy that is being created through the negative thought!  It is the thoughts that we have that create the energy waves that go out into our all of planet earth, the world, universe and beyond!

The thoughts that we have create the way that we communicate on earth plane through:

  • the spoken word
  • the language spoken
  • the unspoken word
  • the feelings
  • the senses
  • the written word
  • the unwritten word
  • body language
  • personal language
  • cultural language
  • pictures
  • music
  • silence

Technology today has reinforced many of the more negative forms of communication because of not being able to pick up the energy being forwarded to you from the same location, however, those of you who have gone before you who are you, are with you throughout this communication, guiding the energy to create the reality that you require in your being right here right now!  Dear ones, all that is necessary for you to communicate what you want to express is think the thought and become the thought, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually the thought will then go out into your world vibrationally to all!

Peace, love, light and blessings as you communicate to  your world through your thoughts and energies.

“White Eagle”

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The process of coming into being with oneself requires the confidence and ability to first understand who you are.

When you understand you, your abilities, limitations and are able to accept all that is from within you, you will then find that confidence is simply a word to describe what it is that you are gifted in and you will know that you have the ability to portray this in your world.

When all is measured from the outside and the opinions, abilities, and gifts of others are used as the device or measuring stick of your abilities, all can become lost, and becomes a means for the humans to hide that it is that they are.

No two human beings who walk the earth plane are the same, no two humans have the same abilities, and no two humans have the same purpose!

If you sit and watch two plants of the same species grow, do either of the plants grow exactly the same way?

Do they have the exact leaf structure; do they produce exactly the same number of flowers? Do they provide the exact amount of nutrients for the human being to consume?

No! It is the same for the human being, we may all be of the same species, however, at no time on earth plane do we do the same things, produce the same amount of children, eat the same quantity of food, or require the exact nutrients that another human being requires. All has been categorized on earth plane and the result of this categorization has created a measuring stick, which you are carrying through a lifetime.

This measuring stick is what is creating the lack of confidence in the human being today. All humans carry a gift and ability, which is unique to them. This cannot be measured from the outside; the measuring stick for you is you and is designed specifically for you by you from the inside out. Having the confidence to do what you need to do comes from within, without judgment, knowing who you are and knowing your purpose, your mind and brain will then be able to integrate your information with that from outside and you will ensure your success and be confident in doing what you know to do.

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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On earth plane, it has become important that everyone is just like everybody else, and the whole concept of the human being has been lost in the shuffle of words and expectations!   The expectations come from the words and are limited to what indoctrinated values and beliefs you hold.  The word respect should be used the way that it was intended when it was first spoken and that is to simply allow each human being to be. What is it that keeps earth from understanding that we are not mass-produced?

Perhaps if you look inward, you will begin to dispel the belief that we are all created equally, when in fact we are not created equally we are all created uniquely. This is the way it is to be, it has nothing to do with race, creed, color, or religion.

What has been forgotten is the uniqueness of every individual who inhabits the planet. You are expected to cohabitate on earth, however, if inhabiting this earth is based on cohabitation in a group, what happens to the unique human being. They may become sick, alone, outside of being who they are, versus being inside of who they are and understand that this is not the way life is supposed to be.

Social Conditioning does not allow you to be who you are, so you become only a socially conditioned personality.

Dear ones, respect honor and cherish you, and that respect and honor will be passed on to all you encounter on your journey forward through life making our world a world of hope, compassion, caring and sharing.

Peace, love, light and blessings.

“White Eagle”

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Meditation is the emptying or concentration of the mind through contemplation or relaxation.

Meditation is a personal celebration of the wonder of the universe–and the cultivation of our capacities for awe and amazement at “all that is”.  It involves the unity of self and all beings, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually in the humble recognition of oneself as one small but valuable part of the total.  It is the whole involvement of you, being captivated and excited by the marvel of it all.

To see meditation this way is to recognize other human beings, the earth and the entire universe as sacred and valued.

It means that every single person, entity, and animate object on the planet is to be treated as valuable, deserving of love, respected, and honored as being unique.

The souls journey begins by first loving, respecting and honoring ourselves as the unique being we are knowing that we are not perfect, thus allowing ourselves to grow and change.

Meditation is a unique process for every unique human being.  In order to honor your own personal journey through life you may want to use the following two suggestions to begin your journey to experience the wisdom and wonder of you.  Centering and progressive relaxation can guide you to the peace, love and beauty of the silent mind which is unique to you.

These two processes can be used to ready you for positive affirmations, giving thanks for all that you have, prayers, manifestation of change and movement in your life or whatever you choose for you.

Enjoy your journey.

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